Claire Primrose
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Inspired and informed by many different locations from the Australian landscape. Primrose is interested in recreating the surfaces, textures and colours evocative of a particular place, although each work is a culmination of many different images, spaces and experiences, achieved through memory and experimentation.

Primrose’s method of working is integral to her art practice. She works outside on location and incorporate elements of her surroundings, she gathers soil and water samples from these field trips and uses these samples in her work.

“Fragments of my immediate inspiration form the framework of the composition”.

Primrose is interested in the interplay between her chosen medium (spray enamel) with the natural elements she has collected. Salt water is used to repel and react against the spray enamel paint. It also occasionally acts as a tool for oxidation, mimicking an act of nature.

“All of these processes are hard to control, it is the ‘surprise’ element; or ‘happy accident’ that I am most interested in pursuing”.

Biography - Based in Queanbeyan, Claire Primrose studied Visual Art at the Australian National University, majoring in Printmaking and graduated in 1997. She has also completed a Graduate Diploma in Secondary Art Education and has taught both Visual Art and Dance at various high schools in Canberra. Her work draws inspiration from the Australian landscape.

Primrose has participated in group and solo exhibitions both locally and nationally. Career highlights include being selected for the Exploration 14 exhibition Flinders Lane Gallery Melbourne, the DIRECTION NOW> national touring exhibition with 10 other artists who also focus on abstraction, and the Introducing exhibition at The Stanley Street Gallery. Her work has also recently been selected for the Paddington Art Prize, The Hawkesbury Art Prize, Morton Bay Art Prize, the Norville Art Prize, and the Whyalla Art prize. She has been awarded winner of the Queanbeyan Regional Art Prize in 2009 and also in 2015.






For further information about the artist, please contact Stanley Street Gallery on 0293681142 or

"Claire’s work has the sensibilities of a printmaker – a love of surfaces brought to life by the layering of gesso and pigment, crayons and other media, where chance discoveries are allowed to suggest the landscape. Her concern is to explore an elemental and mystical experience in nature, evocative of another reality."

G.W Bott
September 2013
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